Behind the Quarter

Jason Burr

Growing up in Columbus, Georgia, Jason went on to receive an undergraduate degree from Duke University and MBA from University of Georgia - but his love for guitars never left.

He founded Georgia Quarter in 2014 after his hobby took on a life of its own. With years of venture capital and consumer products experience, he brings his knowledge of investment, marketing, and operations to Georgia Quarter, complementing his love of making guitars and playing them. He currently lives in Atlanta.


Frank Schley IV

Frank Schley also grew up in Columbus, Georgia. He got his first guitar in his freshman year at the University of Georgia in Athens while working on his degree in Psychology.  After graduation he learned the art of Luthiery at Baxendale Guitar in Athens, Georgia. He continues to work independently on custom acoustic and electric guitars, and looks forward to moving his custom shop to the Columbus area - back where it all began.